Self Employment Ideas with Low Start

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Baby Dolphin says:

A shot every time this fatty says “my rich dad”

John Farias says:

That whole eixh dad poor dad is such a scheme. You know they're fake af when they use that term. Just trying to sell himself.

gemo toscano says:

My rich dad

Stephanie Johnson says:

Awesome Information thank you

Rissa Helene says:

i think that this also has a lot to do with your financial income when you were a kid. that is the base fundamental of nature vs nurture. In my theory/philosohy. I think your personality determines if your broke. or gonna be middle class and rich. and beibg raised im a certain environment can shape or break you

Chipurichetti Niharika says:

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Countryside Living says:

People today spend like they are rich especially the young. God help them in the future

Countryside Living says:

People who save always have money. Today people just spend spend spend

Jessica Calhoun says:

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Vanessa Williams says:

am i the only one dyinnnnnnnnnnggggg at the way he says broke people!!!!! that is honestl the funniest thing! omg

Andile Simelane says:

Quite an informative video, if you may kindly suggest any Financial Literacy book, i need to counter Ignorance.

D K says:

Need to read Procrastination by Emma Hayes on Amazon

Thomas Sciolino says:

This is about the worst video I've ever seen! There is nothing in it that relates to "self-employment with low start up."

GetRightDiet says:

If you work for yourself, you are still working a job and making active income. You will make all the decisions and not have to deal with a boss, but you are still trading time for money.

Peter Broadey says:

I know a man who lives like a very poor man worn out clothes old derelict house because he invested all his money, he is worth a fortune but lives like a pauper.

Moe DeNiro says:

Great information.

james cox says:

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