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One of the questions that I get asked most often is how can I start an online business for free?

Is it possible to start with absolutely nothing and get a business up and running online?


There are so many free tools out there that anyone who is willing to put in the time, can start an online business for free.

Once I tell people they can get started for free they get excited and want to know how to get started. I tell them, it’s not as much about how to get started as it is, what is it that you want to sell.

At that point they normally give you that blank stare and tell me they don’t want to sell anything.

Listen very carefully…

Making money online will require you to sell or “promote” something. The nice thing is that almost all selling online will not require face-to-face interaction so even the most shy person can do it.

Tools to Start an Online Business for Free

A Blog or website(We recommend you use WordPress.Com)- The number one thing you’ll need is a place to call home online and most people choose a blog. A blog is simply a website that allows you to make changes without having an IT team at your disposal. If you have a little money to get help with a design, great, but don’t get too hung up on that at first. Just get your blog up and running. After you have some money coming in you’ll be able to make it pretty.

A store – If you are going to sell products you may want to have your own online storefront. Examples of sites that give you a free online store are Tictail.Com and

An E-Bay account – You can also use E-Bay if you want to sell products online

A Clickbank account – Maybe you want to sell information. the sale of information can be very lucrative online. You must become great at marketing and promoting, but a lot of money has been made by information marketers

If you have a little capital to get started it will makes things a little easier, but you can still get your online business up and running without spending a dime.

To Your Success!

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