The Digital Entrepreneur: How To Hardwire Your Online Business For Success

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Julie Karam says:

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Mike Pettigrew says:

Wonderful video, thanks so much! Several years ago, I lost everything and wasn't able to feed my own wife and our little baby and it was truly frightening. Our situation improved the moment I started using my "crazy gratitude experiment" (search for it on YouTube). After as little as 3 days I began experiencing incredible synchronicities that even effect me to this very day. The whole situation changed when I changed my most dominant thoughts and feelings. I went on to become a bestselling author and a very successful entrepreneur. It was a horrible experience, but I'm deeply grateful for discovering how potent our minds are and that we really can transform any difficulty.

Kenneth Nash says:

Is there a encore session for this video?

Gus Razi says:

you the man

GyroThePro says:

Tai using %100 of his brain.magnificent.

Walter Thomas says:

Tai, where can I find more info about the 5 layers of financial independence.  I am speaking at a career day for high school students and would like to incorporate that into my talk.

nick bolden says:

What's the first three books I should read

Underlyingruin OW says:


Alex Green says:

Hi Tai,

I have been trying to get through to you regarding a possible partnership. The advertiser is directly inline with what your doing and I would love to speak with you and/or online sales team about the possibility. I think it should make us both quite a bit of money. Please reach out at your earliest convenience. 

Alex Green

Russell 27 says:

I am tired of your ads on youtube

Icebubblw ice says:

Im a 9th grader and i watched his 2 hour video on his website… It made perfect sense

Ludba says:

For some background- I'm a current business/accounting student, and I read a lot. On the one hand, this means that I'm more likely to fall for the similarity principle- The subconscious cognitive bias that tells you that people who are similar to myself, and share certain traits [in this case, love of reading and an interest in business] are more trustworthy than people who don't.
On the other hand, it also means I know what the similarity principle actually is.
Now, I haven't finished the 67 steps, and I don't plan to. I had initially, of course, but after completing 1-12 I feel that I've seen enough to make some broad generalizations.
First, a disclaimer- Tai's advice is not all bad. In fact, a lot of it is fairly sound. Now, before you get your wallets out or prepare to call me out as a sockpuppet or whatever, let me finish- Tai's advice might be sound, but it is not unique or special. You can get pretty much the same advice, and a lot more depth, by signing up for a student success and intro to business class at your local community college.
Moving on, I'm going to address Tai's commercial. Now, I'll be honest, Tai's commercial is the entire reason I joined his site- Because I have never before seen an advertisement that hit every single one of the cognitive biases listed in "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion," and I thought that anyone who put together a commercial like that must have some idea of what they were doing- Even if they were a bit clumsy about the application. IMO, That 2-hour commercial can probably teach you more about marketing and sales than the entire rest of the 67 steps combined.
If you're not familiar with Influence, that's fine. I'm about to explain the ways that his ad used the cognitive biases described in it.
First, he opens up the ad with promises that he is going to give you something worth $100, free of charge, just for watching the video. This is the Principle of Reciprocity, the psychological bias that says that if someone gives you something, you are obliged to pay them back.
Now, his actual application of Reciprocity is very clumsy. You're just watching a video, after all, and as most people are aware, you can't just hand people things through the screen. Plus, as you all know, at the end he goes from offering you something for free, to offering you a free gift… With your purchase of a $67/month subscription. At this point, Tai falls prey to the Contrast principle- His initial promise of a free gift comes up against the sudden brick wall of a $67 fee. Now, he also clearly uses that principle when he asks us "What is living well worth?" and goes down the list from 1000, 500, and so on and so forth until he reaches that point, in addition to the established value of the gift- or, rather, claimed value of the gift- being higher than the asking price for the program.
Next, I'd like to talk about his convenient user testimony. The Social proof- Other people think this is a good thing! They like it! You know, Tai hasn't heard of anyone not liking the program at all! So, clearly… If you try it, you will find it valuable, because everyone else did. He used it pretty well, to be honest, even including e-mail addresses and contact info to 'prove' he wasn't scamming you. Which, he might not be- For all I know, there are real people at the end of that contact info, who really do feel that the program helped them.
That doesn't mean anything beyond their own personal feels, though.
He also spends a lot of time flattering the viewer ham-handedly. "If you've watched this far, you're obviously pretty smart" came up at several times- And this was probably calculated just like everything else. When someone compliments you, even when it's obviously fake… You like them more. Maybe only a little bit, but it's a measurable amount, and the Principle of Liking states that if you like someone, you're more likely to buy what they're selling you.
He also claims to have experience, and luck, in finding several mentors- Who he quotes, along with other famous authors, almost religiously. He's not the one who came up with this, he claims- It was other people, wiser people, respected people. Authorities, you might say, which he is appealing to.
Then, you get the final bias in the advertisement video- The scarcity bias. Why, he's only opening this program [which he advertised on youtube, heh] to a handful of people- Maybe a hundred or two, I dunno, not that many, so you'd better buy in fast!
And there we get the principle of Consistency- Come on, sign on the dotted line. Once you sign, once you pay, you'll know that you've signed up for it, and you'll rationalize it- Obviously you've gotten benefits, obviously you think it's worth it, otherwise why would you have signed up for it?
Every single cognitive bias in the book, all in one single video. Pretty impressive, though he's obviously not that great at using them- His whole video screams "Scam Artist", not "This is a great idea and you should feel great for having it," after all.
Unfortunately, the steps themselves are much less educational than that first ad video. Each of the videos could probably be summed up in less than five minutes, if it wasn't for Tai's rambling anecdotes, and- As Tai himself says once or twice- He could have condensed them into a much shorter length. However, he has two reason he doesn't, which he spells out at length.
Firstly, he wants us to put the effort in to glean the 'Ounce of gold' from the hour long pile of dirt. Second, he wants us to take at least 67 days going through the course- Long enough to form a habit.
These feed back, again, to the consistency bias- If you've spent this long, and this much effort, going through the course? You must find it worth it! So, if you've found it worth it, you might as well keep your subscription active, so you can keep learning more. It's only 67 a month after all, right?
Let me counter that, with one of Tai's own arguments- If you're spending 67 a month on his program, that's time and money you're not spending on other things- Things like actual business books, which cost about 5-10 on Amazon from my experience.
Which, to be fair, is not to say that Tai's series is worthless. It's entirely possible that at some point later in the series, he comes out with something unique and insightful, completely different from his early videos.
If you want to check and see, though, make sure to cancel the additional monthly fees. There's no need to pay more than the initial seventy bucks for what he's selling you.

BridgeHarrison37 says:

Sometimes I see mockery or even people just being completely blind to the words you speak. I never fail to learn something new on your vids. Huge inspiration Tai, thanks.

ThatAsianPandaHD says:

Buy me a Lamborghini

Rosa Phavinee says:

when am going through panic attacks or anxiety, i listen to you. Thank you for your time making your videos. Your one of a kind 🙂

Jonathan says:

I am going to follow pastor Robert Morrison and you Tai Lopez!!

NikSokoli says:

Follow @booksmart_ on Instagram for business, investing, and other book reviews and knowledge.

Also have a chance to win a free book

Darthen X says:

Hey Tai, no more book of the day videos? Did you stop reading? I just enjoy listening to your opinions

Javier Torrez says:

Here in my garage…

Quintan Wilson says:

Hey tai how do I receive daily email from u.the summaries about book they u just read I heard about it in another video but it wasn't from your channel

Benjamin HD says:

does his metode work

AT Life says:

Video is so appropriate for us being 17 and just starting this channel/company yesterday!

Lane Mccasland says:

Tia who can i get a 20 million dollar investment from

doyoulikeguns says:

But can you drive it in the Hollywood hills?

Rashaw Leggs says:

Wow I would love to work with you. Great mentor & mindset, I wouldn't leave the office! I'd out work everyone there!

Flamin Records says:

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Woodz9977 says:

What should I do to learn more about this stuff. I am only 15 and don't really have the money to buy the things it takes. Is there any other way to help get me started. I also have an invention in mind I would want to tell you what It is and see if you think it is a good idea

Sani Salim says:

I think Companies out there should model Tai Office. It's more on working together than working dead.

iZambyHD says:

"Most books have 1 or 2 good ideas, but they have to fill it up with words to sell it?" That's literally EXACTLY what you do to scam people.. wow..

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