Top ways to make money online in 2019

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Ex-Google TechLead gives you his top ways to make money online in 2019! Here are the links I mentioned in the video:

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Cryptomang says:

Velic crypto exchange is a nice way to make money.

Ricardo Penders says:

You know that less than one percent of all the people who start doing not just some of the things you recommend but doing it all and then some will be successful eventually.

I know because I am one of those guy's and I can do all the programming myself and yes I did follow the instructions exactly and I still have all the websites running with lifetime contracts just as the wordpress plugins and email autoresponder, I have everything for life and payed for in advance so in the 4 or 5 years that I worked on all that every day and eliminating all the overhead costs you normally would have on a monthly, 3 months or annual basis I don't have that anymore and I still can't get it to work for me instead of me working for it and make it profitable enough to keep myself interested and believe what I am doing.

I just can't sell stuff to people as it's done by Internet marketers knowing that it's not even working for myself as they all promise it should do.

I'm a smart guy and I saw how the systems worked in the background by looking at the code and when I told the community what was happening and talked to a couple people who invested more than 25K for basically one thing and never earned a dime back, well yeah… You can imagine how happy they were when I blew the whistle, I hate when being lied to so I can't care less about them anymore and I am not dependent on any part of their systems and servers anymore so what the hell.

Now they keep getting smaller and eventually they will disappear into NOTHING… that's a good thing.

I'm ranting but if you got to here you'll get the drift I hope?

Maybe we should talk about this personally if you're interested in that maybe we can learn something from one another who knows!?

Best regards, Ricardo Penders

Maria Cruz says:

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Online Work From Home says:

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History with The Cipher says:

my G!!! thanks again for this

Marco Griep says:

Hey man. I really have respect that you are an ex google techLEAD. I and appreciate your videos. But is it really necessary to tell this in each video? ^^

Darryl Lopes says:

Buying, selling and brokering domain names.

NuncNuncNuncNunc says:

Yeah, that GoT thing could still get you a C&D.

JSway Fitness & Nutrition says:

Whatcha sipping on google tech lead? 👀 sharing is caring

Raymond Lee says:

My goal is to Join Google just so I can be an Ex-Google.

X Cross says:

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William Wu says:

So are you going to create an online course teaching people how to reverse a linked list?

Ti Software says:

They say instant coffee has more antioxidants then expresso

John Smith says:

Need more videos about being redpilled.

Lazy Vidz says:

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djorkaef says:

Do I need to take financial advise from a guy that lives in a junkyard? : P

Asif Basheer says:

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andreivaduva says:

love your sarcasm

Florin Mateescu says:

And he's back!

panda guy says:

There is also the FunX application, they pay well in it and if you enter the 34FEDGQ promo code you will receive $ 5, you will have to transfer them to the phone for verification. 34FEDGQ

Jose Lara says:

great video!

Andy K says:

Is that a video before he had to move?

Timeh MC says:

It’s easier now today to make a little money. It’s harder now to make a lot of money. – idk who said this but yeah I agree with it

Martins Talbergs says:

99designs is not an option. Just try it.


google code jam highlights 2019 faded version…

Sly John says:

make a shirt that has a pic of you and says "buy my stuff"

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