Watch This BEFORE Starting An Online Business In 2020

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Watch This Before Starting An Online Business In 2020
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Watch This Before Starting An Online Business In 2020


Greg Gottfried says:

What online business model are you in?

J P says:

I finally got my demo t-shirt. However it has this shiny background… It is a black t-shirt with white letters. The background on my file was transparent. I am afraid that this is going to give me unhappy costumers. I have unlisted the items for now. Any idea on why this happened or what I can do differently?

Irina Tsernikova says:

Teespring is terrible our days! it takes 2-3 months to get one t shirt, beside they sent wrong size, or picture, or even wrong angle of picture… i am not even talking about quality… sooo disappointed and feel sorry for my customers…

Samuel Kingori says:

Hi Greg,
Do you provide one on one coaching?

thurman bennett says:

Thanks Greg, always great info

Janis Dolan says:

You quickly mentioned something about affiliate links. Something like, if you place your unique link in front of someone and if they click on it within 24hours you get paid when they buy that product/services. I have never heard about a time frame or limit, what does this mean, what it a mistake, or was it actually a time limit. If a time limit that really changes the shape of becoming an affiliate marketer. Please explain. By the way. Love our clean clear and informative channel. You help me a lot.

Matahari Global Services Taxi says:

No words can express how thankful I am for your suggestion. It was a huge help! Again, it's a GREAT VIDEO!!

Wikesh Ramgatie says:

Hello Greg. Great video again. I am a subscriber now. I have a question: Is POD still profitable in this time? In this crisis? Thank you!

James Lanier says:

Hey Greg I been following you for a little while now. For what I’m doing I trying to get as much info that I can. I keep following because you help me a lot with your info you putting out. But on this video I have a question. I’m starting a dropping shipping store and I’m a beginner it’s basic on health and being active. Im starting my own YouTube and other other ways to Advertise. I want to build a really good store then use it to do give always and build a following to help me sale more cars. I’m starting it by myself and some help from my wife. But all the work is on me right now. I was told that if it get big I will need help. And I was told almost everything you talk about in this video. So I’m preparing myself to make this work for the long term and build a good business. Any info that would help me stay open long term I’m putting in the work it’s not easy but I hope to build a brand and leave it to my kids. I’m doing half my store is Print on demand the other half Drop shipping. Thanks for the great video

Nipplepotamus says:

Thanks Greg. As always, your insights are extremely valuable!

Jennifer Schaffer says:

Greg is the king of online biz videosπŸ˜ƒ Launched my tee biz a few weeks ago, thanks to the awesome info he shared, and I know I’ll get my first sale this monthπŸ˜‰

Formal man says:

Do i have to make seperate instagram page for every seperate niche??

Omkar Hattangadi says:

Do we need a paypal business account for sales ?

Justin Li says:

Hello Greg, what interests should we target for July 4th (selling POD). Niches: Patriotism, Veteran, Soldier. Thank you

Mahie Abdullah says:

Greg, I’m just starting the print on-demand business. Should I use my personal PayPal or create a separate email and use the new email with new PayPal?

vamsi krishna says:

Greg can u please help me to,where can I find whether my design comes under any copyrigh or whether I disigned as same as other person
Please reply….

Tim Green Sr. says:

Hey Gregg, Really enjoy your videos, and information think of starting a blog , thanks for your honesty and inspiration . It seems you really want to help people through your successes and experience, oh and forgot to mention I also want to start with teespring t's and figured the blog would help in marketing process

Kristina Stellar says:

Greg, I have a problem uploading my designs on Teespring, it states an error that mockups are missing, why it uploads some designs but rejects others requiring mockups? I don't understand. Please, help!)

Rick Harold says:

Hi Greg. My daughter is drawing her own designs now and wants to place on teespring. When we look there are so many options for T-shirt’s hoodies mugs towels etc. what do you recommend for which products as she has 10 designs. Thx !.

Efe Ozersoy says:

Hey Greg! I'm struggling about how to put the same designs together on one listing at my teespring storefront , when check my storefront after Δ± publish my products it just looks like the same designs are all different products because teespring shows my listings as they are all different designs but they are the same … I would really appreciate it if you can show me how to solve this problem. Thank you!

Zack Black says:

This guy is the goat, in one of his videos he mentions that surveys ARE NOT a good way to make money, and advises us to not do it. While other youtubers go like "make $500 with survey sites" and this guys videos have really good information, ima start using everything he taught us except ima use the bonfire website for print on demand


Hi Greg, I really found you vids inspiring motivating and exciting for anybody to venture and try out new things, could you please help me with a query?, i was looking into teespring, could you tell me if a create a white color design for a black tee then how can i add a red color design on white tee in same listing? cause most of the designs I see are either going with dark background or light, very few designs can be put directly on white and black tee

Blood Majesty says:

Greg, when I am uploading designs to Teespring, it is better to upload say all 100 designs in one go or spread them like 30 designs the first week, 30 the next?

Sveta Hessler says:

Hi Greg! Were do I find correct size chart for Printful men’s t shirts? Thank you πŸ™

majosefina cunningham says:

After i sold my first shirt from TeeSpring, my second one was sold thru boosted network. Will my designs remain on the boosted network from then on? tnx!


Problem is 1 billion people doing this already

Lace C says:

Hey Greg I got my first two sells on teespring thanks to you. one question I have is I have a major issue with the teespring unresponsive issue in loading products. I remember you said in one video that some people have this issue and they might have to change to the classic layout. How do I do that? Do you get what I'm trying to say?

Miles says:

Hey Greg, I get alot of likes on my posts for my Teespring merch, but I'm not getting any sales, do you have any advice for me?

Justin Li says:

Independence is coming so what niche(s) should we choose to sell? Thank you.

Monics Harrigan says:

Hi, can you please do a video on how accounts are set up for the online businesses that you are highlighting. Thank you for your advice. Very thorough.

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