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so i was researching this stuff for fun and then i was like omg i should make a vid on this stuff to help out my broke sistersss so heres over 10 ways to make fast easy money online!

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Thanks so much for watching and supporting me 🙂


Ela M says:

Also any psychology video is 100% approved by me lol

Ela M says:


Amorah Lopez says:

Emily adding a true crime element to her channel? It would be everything that interests me in one placeeee

FREEWILL 724 says:

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Catherine Mara says:

Thanks for this girl!

Catherine Mara says:

Thanks for this girl!

Bbyzii says:

Dosh needs to make an international version 😭

raptorgod77 says:

Shit im the only boy here. Clearly us boys are more about fortnite then cash

tracy says:

omg do conspiracy or story videos

Lauryn Lions says:

I honestly like this video so much. Like what you said about the you learning stuff and telling us about it I think that's so interesting.

Farah says:

watch me use all of these methods sis ain't need a job no more

Young Man says:

Where did you get your case

Lucia Caskanette says:

omg okay i love this but unrelated question… where did you get your phone case?? cuz omg i LOOOVVE it

Amran,x says:

thanks for helping a broke girl out!

kirsten velasquez says:

You should watch The Alienist if you haven’t already. It’s really good

liquidmoonizze says:

Since we're being educational and all. Fyi apps like Sweatcoin actually want your personal data, they track the information you allow access to (i.e. when, where you walk and how much) and sell it to 3rd parties. That is why they are trying to gain popularity and as many users as possible, so they can have a more valuable collection of data to sell. The collection and use of personal data is insufficiently regulated worldwide. Advertisement companies pay big money for this information but none of that money goes to you, the actual people whose data is being sold. At least with GDPR since May (European) users have the right to ask companies to stop using their data, I don't know if there's a similar regulation in the US. Rule of thumb in today's digital age – if you're given something for free, you're the product 🙂

erica woods says:

We would be best friends we’re actually the same people and we would smoke so many blunts and go shopping and watch anime together fuuuuuuuuudge every one in my city sucks 🙁

liquidmoonizze says:

Thanks Emily, this was informative! I'm definitely interested in videos where you talk about topics outside of your personal life 😁 Also thumbs up for being a good youtuber and adding screen recordings 👌

farley boo says:

Emily, next time you get a tattoo will you ask your tattooist about vegan ink, Thank you.

skye alicia says:

this video format>>

Kelly Danté - Music & Visuals says:

I like Slice the pie, they do bonus deals every other day (typically on weekends) where you’ll earn an additional amount per review
You need to earn at least $10 before you can cash out onto Paypal, but you can get there relatively quickly by doing reviews mostly on the bonus days

Anna M. says:


DeAnna York says:

Hi, Emily, i love your lip gloss and your brows.

DeAnna York says:

Emily, you are always gorgeous.

DeAnna York says:

Hey, Emily, i love your outfit.

Dr. Eggman says:

I need a job😭 but this could help on the meantime 😢

Ollie says:

Also about sweatcoin, the developers are working to turn it where you can cash in the sweatcoins for vouchers for amazon or Paypal cash as the only PayPal thing they have is one for 20,000 sweatcoins but they’re working to change that!

Tiana Coles says:

This was really interesting and helpful to watch, Thanks Emily! Do you have a referral code for Slice the pie? 💖

Gabbyxxzz says:

Shopkick is great. You scan barcodes in stores and get kicks to redeem for gift cards. I've had it for a few years and redeemed over $200.

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