What Is The Best Online Business To Get Started With?

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What is the best online business to get started with?

I get this question a lot – especially after recently releasing my FREE COURSE that reveals the 7 proven business models that made me an internet millionaire in less than 3 years.

There’s so many opportunities available online, but where should you start?

My answer for the best online business model to get started with is that it DEPENDS.

It depends on where you’re at right now – if you’re a complete newbie or already an experienced marketer.

Do you currently have a job and looking to escape that job as quickly as possible?

Are you willing to put in a lot of time over the long-term and be willing to be patient before you make any money?

In this video blog, I go into more details for which my #1 recommendation is for the best online business to get started with.






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Josh Johnson says:

This was so concise and very informational!

Mendy Goldshmid says:

I love you +projectlifemastery

Hayden Bowles says:

Im a 16 year old digital entrepreneur. what state do you live in? Would you let me take you out to a short lunch if i flew out?

Coils & Glory says:

I'm glad i watched this video. I signed up for your KMM program and used it to launch my first e-book. I need to take the course again to launch more books so that I can actually start making money with kindle publishing. you will soon be receiving my testimonial :)

AwesomeDudes says:

Interesting thoughts, finding the right business is just one step in the journey. The other is constant application of effort.

Au79AtomicGold says:

Just stumbled on to your Youtube channel. Love your passion and energy. I am looking to create passive cashflow from multiple streams to build wealth. Love your content. I will be signing up and watching your free course.

Mad Max says:

I am starting Now Thanks a lot

Riccardo Volpato says:

You talk about hiring a writer.. What about publishing my own book? I have an amazing travel journal with unique stories… But I am a non native in English… Would that affect my selling? Shall I hire someone who correct my book? How much would that cost me? Thanks for this video. Riccardo

Babydor All in one says:

stefan I don't have any idea and I'm confused just help since I started with net I have never earn even 1$ I'm done

RuskiiReviews says:

What I started with is blogging. Set up a website, was aiming to start affiliate marketing but realised that I'm pretty much fucked on ideas. And the ideas I have do not seem like anything that can bring money. So I'm kind of confused right now.

rosiethebear300 says:

What if you don;t have any content to form a book?

Masoud J says:

Truthful and honest!

TheNak88 says:

Hey Stefan, tremendous stuff here! I am going to start with Kindle as i am somewhat of a newbie. Just have to say you hit the nail on the head when discussing your passions or hobbies don't always pay the bills. I am a certified personal trainer so as soon as i saw you were a fitness enthusiast i was sold on you! Thank you for doing what you do, out of all the online entrepreneurs i choose to follow you and finally commit!

Beer Me says:

Stefan you have "kindled" my passion and shown me the door I was too afraid to find on my own. Thanks brother! I really believe with how connected the world has become that everyone can enjoy a full life by dedicating themselves to one thing and putting themselves out there.

Deane E says:

Hey Stefan, just wanted to say thanx for your great motivational and informational videos… my commitment is to getting 1 book published as soon as possible. Im really keen to build an online business so my starting goal is to make enough to start with K Money Mastery.

sherry bali says:

Hi Stefan…..thanks for the motivating video. I live in Australia and I am looking to start an Internet business. Can I do kindle publishing for Amazon from Australia? Thanks.

Indika Kuruppu says:

I have been hooked on YouTube forever. Literally since 2007. I was and still is very much interested in starting my own online passive income business but never had a proper goal or plan. this post changed my whole perspective and encouraged me a lot. a very good post and the genuineness is clearly demonstrated… I'm truly speechless. amazing job! need more guidance internet biz Jedai!!

Mhd Shafi says:

great advice,

Cool Stealth Health Products says:

Thank you so much for being you.

Long Trương Hữu Hoàng says:

Hello and Many thanks for this great sharing!
I just started some articles about my daily journal and found that might be the first passion every day of mine.
And well, I really wanna be more master of English writing so I have only one simple question for you, can I use your sharing for my first online business in Kindle publishing? Can I do it with my daily journal pages? Cuz I'm really not sure there's someone will buy and interest in it.
Thanks so much :)

MultiLychik says:

Project Life Mystery,thank you so much)I will the book course that you have)

kimy D says:

very helpful video, thanks

MultiLychik says:

Hi,What to do if English is not my first language and I want to try a kindle publishing without hiring a writer for my books?

Jonathan Lee says:

Can you give an idea as to how much money is needed to get started? I do understand that outsourcing is an individual decision, so I mean more about marketing, etc. Thanks.

Matt Morbey says:

Great video especially the last bit about kindle success transferring into other business opportunities.

Debb J says:

I'm going to commit to Kindle publishing. I bought your program when you first published it, on 2013, but with life getting in the way and a million excuses I took little action to it. I published 2 books: one is still making me more than 50$/mo at ONLY 0.99$ and the 2nd one nothing. But now, I am commited. No more excuses. I've had enough. I'm taking my life in my own hands. Sorry, I had to write this. Thanks for everything Stefan, honestly.

Toi Nichelle says:

I am working on my first launch with CreateSpace and Kindle this summer. I am also brainstorming mor book ideas publish thereafter. Where can I set up a blog?

Andrew Waatz says:

Thanks good information!

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