Work from Home- Fifth Harmony COVER by Niki and Gabi ft. Josh Levi

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Work from Home- Fifth Harmony COVER by Niki and Gabi
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Josh Levi:


music produced by: @CoopWilson @DarbyCWilson and @JosephcMcqueen
directed by: CooperWilson
filmed and edited by @thebere

*if you’re reading this, comment which youtuber(s) you spot in the video!*

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Aoussa Toure says:


Brooke Elouise says:

Actually love Gabi's hair x

Elissa Tabet says:

do the roast your
self challengeerrr

Cindy Enriquez says:

Back to school video please I go back in 33 days??

ZEE says:

Why are guys haten on them.if you don't like them get off of there channel. U Guys won't like if NIKI OR GABI say that kind of rude things to u let everyone see it so stop saying mean thing to my two fav YouTuber

ZEE says:

Niki and Gabi you are so cute and btw can u plz help me get more subscribers and can u also subscribe on my channel plz

Azzie 701 says:

better flip those burgers before they burn lol ?

Trishra Guzman says:

Could've worked on vocals but other than that good video

jpbown7 says:

gabi are still with braidon???????

Sapna Singh says:

They sing beautiful

Amani Strong says:

that boy is a hottie

BabyValeria Xoxo says:

Wow you guys are the ????✨❤️❤️☺️??

Hey_Itz_ Grace says:

I saw LaurDIY at 3:22

SimplyMaddie14 says:

what editing software did you use for your banner and profile picture??

Amanda Machuca says:

at 1:00 she misses the wall

HeyKat says:

Wasn't girls night in originally with different people???!!?!

Ruby Mullen says:

who was the guy gabi was sitting on? (i know that sounds weird hehe)

Emilia Cardamone says:

I love how you guys sing it's so good ?

Mackenzi Gilbert says:

i love it you guys did wonderful????

Brianna Jones says:

the girl from camp rock is in there!!

Kim Esteves says:


Kim Esteves says:


Momina Shehzad says:

I only came here for Alyson Stoner because she's the prettiest and I love her?

Alexandria Anderson says:

Do wildthings by Alessia cara 

Araceli Vega says:

omg you guys are coming to Seattle ?.!!!!

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