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Hi Friends! Today’s video I’ll be sharing my morning routine of a Mom and particularly my work from home routine! I’ve been a work from home Mom since my first baby was born and it’s definitely a juggling act between finding time to work and being a stay at home Mom, especially as your baby gets older. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though! I hope you enjoy this little behind the scenes and don’t forget to check out Tara’s video and the links mentioned in this video below! xx

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♥SNAPCHAT→ hayleypaigeee
Hi Friends, thanks for stopping by! A little bit about me and my channel…

»I married my college sweetheart on July 16, 2016.
Watch our wedding here→

»We soon found out we were pregnant with our daughter Annabelle Rose.
Watch how we found out here→
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We started a Mom & baby brand→
And moved from Los Angeles to Charleston, SC to start a new adventure!→

I talk about a mixture of lifestyle topics on my channel and blog involving motherhood, marriage, parenting, fashion, and beauty!


The Jackson Hive says:

Annabelle eating her breakfast was so stinking cute!! she was really getting into it!

Kelsey Kramitz says:

Hiiii from another mom from Charleston! 💗

Madison says:

Hayley you are looking like a gorgeous southern belle in all your videos lately!

Sondra Six says:

We love Charleston. My daughter lived in Goose Creek. 💜💜💜💜💜💜 I am new to your channel

Kayla Buell says:

Gahhh I watch you both religiously and love your videos! Love the collab! Lol I’m also doing the Whole30 and watching Annabelle eating those pancakes made me so hangry lol

Randee Szanto says:

Where did you get your dining room table and coffee table?

Sarah-Jayne Fragola says:

Loved watching this xx

Donyelle Emoni says:

Seriously just love your videos and your family !

Momma From Scratch says:

Both you mommies are amazing! Love how you two work together and have a good rhythm. Love the packaging you use for your products!

Janette Martin says:

Hayley – I like you more and more as I keep watching your videos. Your authenticity really shows. Keep up the great work, good momma!

Nargis S says:

From where is your dinning room set?

Maddy Godek says:

I love your video.

Rafal Mahdi says:

Why is this your last pregnancy???!?🙀

BabyTalk says:

You’re always wearing the cutest PJ’s. I’m sure you’ve mentioned before but where are they from? My PJ’s usually consist of t-shirts and sweats haha 😆

JoelinelifeVlogs says:

Your channel have grown a lot in the last two years! With a new business, husband is working from home now, baby #2 is on the way! And, Annabelle being cute and wild! I love your little family! <3

tonya k says:

I love both of your channels. But I didn’t find you first and than saw Tara channel. So much fun to watch. Btw what vacuum do you use? I need a good one for my hardwood floors. Lol

Carnia Mercharles says:

From Tara video

Anas Ashraf says:

are u pregnant and still breast feeding your kid ????

The King Family Vlogs says:

Your PJ’s are too cute!

Alyssa and Adam says:

Do you live in the James Island part of Charleston? I used to live there and I loved it. Harbor View Road was my street!

Trying to Mom says:

It’s so nice that you and Doug can tag team now! I’m sure Annabelle loves it ❤️

Ashleigh Lauren says:

Loved this video. I use to say I was going to stop breastfeeding my daughter when she got teeth lol. Now she is 7 months and I still breastfeed her due to me just being lazy and not wanting to pump. I love that you still breastfeed. The weather here is the worst…the humidity and my hair never get along. I also love the PJs.♥️

Mimi O. says:

Where are you pjs from?? So cute!! 😍

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